Badass In My Bed (Badass # 1)

By Rae Lynn Blaise

BR Badass # 1


Rachel’s life is music. She plays it, she lives it, she breathes it. And next week she’ll start playing her cello with the Boston Symphony, which isn’t exactly the kind of music career she wanted, but one that will make her father happy. And her happy enough. 

But the weekend before she leaves for Boston, she meets Dylan. Tattoos. Biceps. Killer smile. Hard cock. Total badass. It’s a surprise that he’d ever be interested in her, but he is. He goes against everything she ever wanted in a man… or, thought she wanted. But it’s only for one night, right?


BADASS IN MY BED is the debut novel from Rae Lynn Blaise and be warned, it is a serial novella.  I’m not sure how many books will be in this series, but currently books 2 and 3 are available for pre-order and are available for free with Kindle Unlimited, which is good because I personally think that paying $2.99 for a novella is too much.

Rachel is out with her best friend for their last girl’s night before she moves to Boston to take her place with the Boston Symphony.  Before she goes, her friend tries to convince her to live a little, to maybe have some fun with the hot tattooed guy she can’t keep her eyes off of.  With some meddling from her friend, she winds up at Dylan’s table and does something crazy and out of character; she takes Dylan home where he gives her a night she will never forget.  But Dylan is so enamoured with her that one night isn’t enough and he comes back for not only a second night, but also a date.

Right from the start, you know that Dylan is hiding something about who he is and that he likes that Rachel doesn’t know who he is.  He’s very perceptive and surprises Rachel with how well he can read her and what makes her tick.  There’s definitely a spark between the two of them, which I think surprises them both considering she’s your prim and proper good girl while he’s your typical tattooed bad boy.  These two couldn’t be more opposite yet they connect on more than just a physical level.

The novella doesn’t really end with a cliffhanger, but it does end with Rachel finding out who Dylan is while on her flight to Boston.  What she’ll do with this information will hopefully come out in book 2.

Badass In My Bed (Badass # 1)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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