Among The Debris (Son of Rain # 2)

By Michelle Irwin

BR Among The Debris


Clay Jacobs and Evie Meyers are on the run. Together. Being hunted is almost worth it, so long as that remains true. It’s too much to hope that it can last. 

Only weeks after their reunion in Salem, his family strikes, and Clay is torn from his lover’s arms once again. Alone, his certainty in their love falters. Everything he thought was true is called into question. Could his family be right? Could he have been caught in Evie’s spell? 

Clay’s obsession with finding the truth leads him on a hunt across the globe. The answer will either bring him closer to freedom or destroy the remnants of his shattered heart. His quest may prove more difficult than he imagines when some people will go to any lengths to keep the truth hidden. 


Clay and Evie are finally reunited, but their reunion is short lived when Clay’s family tracks them down and tears them apart again.  This time it’s Evie who’s running, leaving Clay alone, miserable and confused as to why she ran.  Despite his conflicting emotions, he remains disenchanted with his family and the Rain and wants nothing to do with any of them.  But he still needs information, so he convinces his family that he needs to get away to re-evaluate his life.  They let him leave the country to work in their offices in England, which gives him free reign to track down a woman mentioned in Evie’s file and hopefully find the truth about the Phoenix/Sunbird.

While Clay’s family is constantly pointing out all the ways he has betrayed them, I suspect their betrayal goes way deeper-so deep and unimaginable that he can’t see it even though it’s staring him in the face.  And if I’m right and when Clay finds out, I don’t know how he’ll ever be able to forgive them.  At this point in time, I think Ethan is the only family member who has the potential to redeem himself.  We meet Toni, the daughter of the Rain’s Oxford leader, who shares Clay’s belief that not all Others are evil and should be killed on sight.  She has a dry sense of humour that was fun to read and gave Clay a reason to smile again.  With her help, he’s able to retrieve the artefacts he needs to learn more about Evie’s heritage-artefacts that are hidden by the Rain in order to prevent their operatives from knowing the truth.

AMONG THE DEBRIS continues on from BESIEGED BY RAIN and runs almost parallel to RISE FROM ASH, book 2 in the Daughter Of Fire series.  The Daughter Of Fire series is told in Evie’s POV, while the Son Of Rain series is told in Clay’s POV.  Clay’s books don’t end at the exact moment that Evie’s books do, and I think it’s because of this I was a bit thrown by the timeline.  It was easy with the first two books, but now we’re four books in so it took me a little while to get back on track as to what happened to who and in what book.  But other than that, AMONG THE DEBRIS is another great read in both series.  It’s so heartbreaking to see a couple that are destined to be together, yet they’re torn apart because others are so blinded by hate.

Among The Debris (Son of Rain # 2)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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