Always His (Crazed Devotion # 1)

By C.A. Harms

BR Always His


Forgiveness … 
It isn’t always as easy as it sounds. 

Becoming a Marine had been Ryker’s dream, but that dream faded when it led to losing the one girl who held his heart. 

Returning to Alabama after being gone for more than five years was going to be hard, but he couldn’t continue to live without her. 

His world seemed empty and there was only one thing that could heal that void. 

Find Nicole… 

Beg for her forgiveness… 

And never let her go again. 

She would always be his… 


Ryker and Nicole were separated by choice: Nicole chose to stay in her hometown with her family and friends, while Ryker wanted to see the world, only to realise years later that Nicole was his whole world.  Nicole and Ryker are both very likeable characters.  Ryker is determined, open and honest, while Nicole is strong enough to stand up for herself and her daughter.  I did think that Nicole, and everyone else in town, forgave Ryker too quickly.  I also thought that Ryker wasn’t overly apologetic in the beginning, instead opting to use his charm to get back into Nicole’s life.

ALWAYS HIS is a second chance romance that is told in dual POVs.  It’s the beginning of a new series and I’m assuming that like her other series, each book can be read as a stand-alone.  I’m also assuming that each book will be about Ryker’s Marine buddies and Nicole’s friends.  It’s a novella so it’s a very quick read, which seems to be my biggest complaint with this author: her books are too short and therefore too rushed.  I would really love it if she would flesh them out more, as I’d love to feel more of a connection to the characters and events instead of just going through the motions and racing to the finish line.

Always His (Crazed Devotion # 1)

My Rating:  3 Hearts

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