All The Stars In The Sky (Until The End Of The World # 3)

By Sarah Lyons Fleming

BR All The Stars In The Sky


Cassie Forrest has sworn she’ll never let the world get the best of her again.

She’s chosen to believe everything will be all right.

But on a journey filled with heartbreak and madness and zombies, Cassie and her friends must struggle to stay alive—and it’s hard to believe in a future when survival seems unlikely.


ALL THE STARS IN THE SKY is not your typical love story that’s for sure, which should be pretty obvious considering it’s a book about a zombie apocalypse.  This is the final book in the Until The End Of The World series, and it is a series that had me hooked as soon as I started reading it.  I read the first three books back in June 2014, one after the other.  I waited and waited and waited (thank you for that Sarah) for the next book to come out and was so excited when I saw that it had been released earlier this year.  I was hoping to read the first three books again before I started on this one.  I could remember the gist of the story, what events had taken place, who close to Cassie had died, etc, but I had trouble remembering all the people and how they came to be among this group of survivors.  Sadly, time prevented me from reading them again, so in the end I gave up trying to place names and just kept reading.

This book starts right where book 2 finished, with the group fleeing Kingdom Come, their no-longer safe haven, and heading to the last confirmed safe zone in Alaska.  The journey is long and dangerous, filled with monsters not just of the zombie variety and they continue to lose good people on the way.  Every single person in the group is a survivor, doing whatever needs to be done to protect each other, and forging through when tragedy strikes over and over again.

Until The End Of The World is unlike any series I have read before, and I absolutely loved it.  You worry that the final book in the series will be a let down, but not the case with this one.  I thought ALL THE STARS IN THE SKY was a very fitting end to the series.  I liked how the author had the guts to kill off some of the major characters, even though I hated it and cried “Why???” when they died.  I liked that because she wasn’t afraid to kill people off, she had me on the edge of my seat and my heart beating wildly every time there was a battle, hoping that everyone would make it out alive, because how much loss can a group of people suffer, right?  Thankfully, this book does end with a HEA and I was very happy with who Cassie ended up with.  I loved how the group found strength in one another, cementing bonds that could never be broken (well, except in death) and I loved that they found small ways to honour the memories of those they’d loved and lost.  That being said, I would like to see a story set several years down the track, just to catch up and see if/how things have settled down.

Cassie:   It isn’t easy to be optimistic when you have thousands of unknown miles ahead of you and an army of zombies at your heels.

All The Stars In The Sky (Until The End Of The World # 3)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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