All Amity Allows (Fall For You # 2)

By Michelle Irwin

BR All Amity Allows


Amity is a disillusioned angel.

For countless millennia, she’s helped her assignments find truth in their experiences and improve their lives. Once, she’d been tender and caring, but humanity’s misuse of free will and her own missteps have left her jaded.

Now, all Amity allows is the truth. Get in, get out, and never let them know that she’s there. That’s the motto she’s lived by for years. She considers her latest assignment nothing more than the next in a long line of jilted lovers that she’s had to help. When her presence exposes more than either of them was ready for, will they be able to find the truths hidden deep within the other? Or will the fallout leave them both in tatters?

The truth will set them free.

Won’t it?


ALL AMITY ALLOWS starts off with the powers that be trying to fix the mistake made against Drew in HAPPILY EVAN AFTER.  Drew was “touched” by Cupid Evan to fall in love with Becca, but her feelings slowly and naturally transferred to Evan instead, leaving Drew heartbroken and desperately yearning for Becca, his “true love”.  Enter Amity, sent to help Drew move on and heal his heart enough to find love again.  But one touch sends Amity fleeing when the players involved are revealed to her.  She must put aside her past issues in order to get the job done and to prevent past mistakes from happening again.

It took me a few pages to realise this was about Drew from book 1, so I’d definitely recommend reading HAPPILY EVAN AFTER before reading this one.  From memory, despite being a god in bed, I didn’t like Drew as he was quite rude and seemed intent on changing Becca to suit his pompous needs better.  I felt sorry for him this time around though, especially when you find out that his feelings for Becca started years before the Cupid was ever involved and he really thought they had a solid future together.  Through Amity, he realises that his desire to be better, to always be reaching for the next achievement is what pushed Becca away.

I thought this book was well written and I love the cover which I think looks fun and flirty.  However, thinking back, I don’t remember the story being fun and flirty.  The book spends a good portion on Drew’s feelings towards Becca, which ventured between sadness, anger and denial.  Throughout the book I felt like I couldn’t grasp what was going on, like I was missing something.  I put this down to a lack of concentration.  I should point out that it took me a few days to read as I was feeling unwell and couldn’t seem to focus on what I was reading.  Because I’ve read and enjoyed all of Michelle’s previous books, I’m thinking this is the reason I couldn’t really get into this book.  That being said, I was hoping for more depth in relation to a few things, like the past events that sent Amity into hiding, like why Drew is the way he is, but in the end they felt very rushed and glossed over.  I did like that we got to see a few glimpses as to how Becca and Evan were going, which was nice.  And it comes with a HEA, so YAAY!!!

All Amity Allows (Fall For You # 2)

My Rating:   4 Hearts

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