A Nun Goes to Jail (Nun-Fiction Series #2)

By Piper Davenport


18+ for language and sexual situations…

Alexa Romanov hails from Russian Mob royalty, but she’s keeping a secret…one that could get her killed. When she’s forced to hide in a Catholic Abbey, she finds herself face-to-face with the man who broke her heart years ago…good thing time has healed that wound and she’s over him.

Reese Alden has fought his way out of a deadly and notorious Motorcycle Club, but he’s done it at great sacrifice. He lost the only woman he ever loved and now she might die because he let her go.

He must move heaven and earth, not to mention circumvent the Russian mob and a deadly MC, in order to keep her safe. But his goal isn’t just to save her life. It’s also to win her back.


Full disclosure here I have read NINE of Piper Davenport’s books and her Dogs of Fire is one of my favourite MC series and A Nun Walks into a Bar (Nun-Fiction Book #1) was one of my favourite reads for 2016.   So when I was offered book 2, I was like “SCORE” for Lulu as all my reviews for this author are either four or five stars as I love her characters and how she tells her stories.

So I have to be honest and admit that A Nun Goes to Jail just did not connect with me, the story left me feeling a bit un-fulfilled – it felt rushed and pushed aside for too many sex scenes.  Perhaps it is me because I really loved the characters and the humour and we also get to see more of Sadie and Ryder who I love so I am really trying to figure out where I went wrong? 

I enjoyed the characters and loved seeing  my favourites from the Dogs of Fire however I did feel that the overall Russian/Mob/MC suspense got really lost and I for one really enjoy a good dose of that in my romance.  Loved mentioning the “Roses for Anna” concert in the story as the “Broken Road” series is going to rock “pun intended”!!

Towards the middle all I seemed to be reading about was Alexa and Reese having sex and this is where the base story got lost.  I did find myself thinking stop having sex I want to know what is happening with the trial, where are the Russians and the ending felt rushed and what about the other girls at the convent and also her friend and brother?  I wanted Reese to be more alpha male protective with her instead of wanting to have sex if that makes sense, there were pockets of moments I went yes now I can see the emotional connection, when he sneaks in and holds her after her breakdown, these were moments of romance that I savoured.

Finally I did like how the author fast forwarded three years to see how their lives had changed.

Quote:  “I think you’re holding’ it together with duct tape and dental floss… MacGyver Style”

A Nun Goes to Jail (Nun-Fiction Series #2)

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