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Title: A Change of View
Series: Northern Lights # 2
Author: Freya Barker
Release Date: August 16, 2017

Christine’s Review

I love Freya Barkers’s style of writing. It feels very authentic like I am watching real people’s lives play out. I like the fact that these characters are in the middle of their lives and that they are moving onto the next stage after children and navigating what happens when life doesn’t go the way they planned.

I had true compassion for Leelo. She traveled a tough road hoping to start over again. She was divorced and alienated her children. I loved how she picked herself back up and made herself take advantage of a new life that presented itself to her. I really liked how she took responsibility for her own actions, that spoke volumes about the person she became after her divorce.

Roar was not perfect but he was perfect for Leelo. He had issues but he was available for everyone he cared about in his life. I really like that he could handle Leelo’s stubbornness.

Leelo’s children also played a role in Leelo’s transformation and I wanted to hate them but Freya wrote them in a way that made me realize that they were hurt too and they were trying to find their own path in the world. The town was another character in this book. I loved Roar’s mother and all the people that were just a little quirky but they were just protective of what they had there in the town and were leery of newcomers.

My Rating:  

Lulu’s Review

As Freya says, it’s amazing how beautiful things are when you occasionally risk a change of view.

Leelo had my heart from the first few chapters as she forged ahead to make a change in her life.  She was 46, divorced, lonely and needed to repair her inner self belief.  As all women know we are our greatest critics both physically and mentally.

Roar was strong, masculine but he was also sensitive and I loved watching him make Leelo sensual again.  His group of friends and famiy provided lighthearted moments in this story, his mother Charlie a standout for me.

My favourite component of this story was watching how her relationship with her adult children evolved.  Her son Matt visiting, helping her and making his own life.  The relationship with her daughter brought tears to my eyes.

Surprising me was the suspense and mystery towards the end of this story with the constant danger placed in Leelo’s way, I had no clue to the turn of events so that was a great twist.

The Epilogue I loved and when the jar was opened well my heart swelled and tears were in my eyes.

My Rating:  

Vicki’s Review

A CHANGE OF VIEW is the first book from Freya Barker I have read, and I quite enjoyed it.  Lulu warned me that the story builds slowly, because she knows I’m not a big fan of the slow-build.  But that’s because most of the the slow-build reads I’ve read end up with an ending that’s so rushed I feel like if I blink, I’ll miss it.  That doesn’t happen here, as the book moves at the same smooth pace from beginning to end.

I liked Roar.  He’s a nice guy who helps people when they need it, but he is very quiet and mostly keeps to himself.  I can’t say much more about him because, in my opinion, Leelo stood out in this story because of her strength, courage and determination.  After allowing herself to be mentally beaten down by her husband throughout their entire marriage, she’s now trying to find out who she really is and what she’s capable of.  I liked that she accepted responsibility for her actions after the marriage broke down, and that those actions affected her relationship with her adult children.  I also enjoyed watching her rebuild her relationship with them, and that they got to see a side of their mother they never knew existed.  What I really liked about Roar and Leelo is that they’re both in their mid-forties…and they act like it.

A CHANGE OF VIEW is told in dual POVs and while it’s part of a series, it can most definitely be read as a stand-alone.  I haven’t read the first book in this series, but not once did I feel like I was missing something by not having read it.

My Rating:  

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  1. Freya Barker

    You girls!!!! How fabulous is this? It’s coming up to six in the morning here (my quiet time to write) and I have tears running down my face (Sorry, Vickie!! LOL). Listening to you ladies brought the story back to life for me. I am a habitual writer, so even as a book is going through editing etc, I’m already wrangling words for the next one and that means my head is already somewhere else by the time the book hits the shelves. This was a wonderful way to revisit!!
    Thank you so very much for this very original and, frankly, awesome way to review!!

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