A Nun Walks into a Bar

By Piper Davenport



After growing up in an abbey, orphan Sadie Ross becomes Sister Abigail Eunice. Her life and career are on track until a chance meeting with a handsome stranger in a place no nun should ever go.

Ryder Carsen’s sister is missing, and he doesn’t have time for distractions. But when a pretty nun walks into his bar, he can’t ignore his attraction to her, even though she’s not the “sister” he’s looking for. He’s relieved when she walks out of his life for what he believes is forever.

Sadie’s life takes a surprising detour when she finds her path crossed with Ryder’s once again. When they are brought back together, Ryder knows he’s found the only woman he’ll ever love, but time is running out for his sister.

Will Ryder save his sister from the men who took her?
When a source far too close to home threatens Sadie, will she trust Ryder enough to let him save her too?

My Review

I just want to say this was a simply fantastic story, the title has you scratching your head but within the first few chapters I knew I was in for an amazing romantic journey.

Ryder – well what an alpha man, he knew what he wanted and went for it – he is protective and such a gentleman – surprising considering his upbringing and what stamina he has to stand by Sadie and her inner beliefs.

Sadie steals the show, is stunning, stubborn and simply sensuous when released into the real world.  We are given laughs, love and friendship, shown the strength of human compassion and I adored Sadie’s aunt – what a way to grow up and be given such guidance for living her life.

Sadie as a character connects to the reader from the first chapter, the way the story wove into her own coming of age and finding her place in the world was simply brilliant.

This is my third book by this author and I was not disappointed and this is actually my favourite so far, we are given a great suspense story that entwines the the romance journey that these two main characters are taken on.

I could pick this up again and start reading, it will be going into my “to be read” again list as it just made me feel so happy.

A Nun Walks into a Bar

My rating: 5 Hearts

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Note: April 2017 this novel originally released under Tracey Jane Jackson was released under her other name of Piper Davenport.