Wolf’s Ascension

by Lauren Dane

wolfs ascension


Attacked by werewolves. Mated to the Alpha. Declared a queen. Kari is having an unusual day.

In the Cherchez wolf pack, loyalty is earned, not given. For Andreas, the pull he feels toward Kari cannot be ignored, a physical bond immediate and unbreakable—though Andreas wants to win Kari’s heart as well as her body. But someone isn’t happy about his new mate, and Kari’s just beginning to trust him and the pack when attempted murder threatens their newfound happiness.

Andreas brings out the deepest hunger in Kari, a sexy, passionate side of herself she never knew was there. And her new life as werewolf queen is turning out to be surprisingly emotional in other ways, as well. The bond she feels with Andreas extends to the others in the pack—others she’s now bound to defend.

And as the pack’s enemies are about to discover, Kari will do anything to protect her new family.

Previously published under a different title, newly revised by author,

My Review

Andreas and Kari were great characters, Kari was stubborn, independent but so nurturing and this came through when she finally accepted her fate.  Andreas was definitely all alpha and when he came together with Kari in a physical sense the pages ignited.  One of the best things about this story is you see the beginning, the middle and where they are heading into the future and their journey was well paced and we jumped time at moments that I as a reader did not feel as if I was missing something in their relationship.

Firstly I have to get off my chest, I did find throughout the book some sex scenes to me were not needed, we were travelling along getting towards some really poignant moments in their story and bam we are back in the bedroom having sex again.  Now don’t get me wrong I love sex scenes but I admit I did skim over a few as I though to myself – not again – I want to go back to the pack and what is happening.

Congratulations on the mystery, I had no idea right up to the end of the story who was trying to break the pack up and to turn it around and make me totally second guess myself was fantastic and probably why I am overlooking the fact I skimmed a few paragraphs of sex.

I really wanted to read more about the characters of the clan and I have to say I really loved Phillip and one particular scene with him was just beautiful and it was something I was hoping for as we came to the end of this story.

You get ménage, M/M and M/F sex scenes in this story, they are all sensual and the family connections within the pack showed history and gave a great base to the reader.  Sometimes in paranormal reads you can get bogged down with all the details and how people fit in, this is not the case with Wolf’s Ascension – I really enjoyed this group of characters and their story.

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Wolf’s Ascension

My Rating: 4 Hearts

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